Puzzle 10 – Themeless #5



Double digits! Woohoo! Google Analytics tells me we are now up to double-digit weekly readers, which is cool too!


  • As you might have guessed, JAIALAIIPA was the seed entry for this one. Only had it once, but it was delicious and very summery. A smidge hoppier than I prefer but still really good.
  • Managed to squeeze four Js into the puzzle too – wasn’t exactly something I planned for (besides JAIALAIIPA) but it worked out that they could get squeezed in and not compromise the fill.
  • I spent forever trying to finagle “look up” into the clue for TELESCOPE. Some of the earlier attempts were…ugly. Like how it turned out though.
  • The SE was by far the toughest area to fill. Generally okay with it, not a big fan of ASCI running through there but I can live with it.
  • The more open layout, with two or three ways into each edge stack, is a lot tougher for me to fill. A lot easier when there’s just one way in. I think having more options is always helpful when solving though.
  • See you next week! I leave you with ABOUTAGIRL:


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