Puzzle #9 – Leisure Letters



Hello! Back again with an extra large, 17×17 treat! Before you dive in, just a quick heads up: the revealer doesn’t quite work (shoutout to Ben Tausig at AVCX for pointing that out). But…I was too excited to make the puzzle anyways, so here it is! Enjoy!


  • According to Google, alliteration can be either initial sounds or letters. I ended up using both definitions whenever it suited, because some of the clues were tough to write (7-Across, for one)!
  • About 2/3 of the way through, I did figure out that it’s still alliteration even if you use “of”, “or”, and other little connecting words like that – but I wanted to keep things consistent and stick with not using those.
  • If you have a good clue for ERA, you can submit it over at Grid Wars!
  • Those west and east stacks were the toughest to make work. I love the CROATIA/AIRHEAD/BALLSY combo on the east. Not as enamored with using LUPINE, which until I was cluing thought meant “of the wolf family”. Learn something new every day!
  • Toughest clue to write: EDNA. Could not make anything work nicely, until I remembered she’s the designer in “The Incredibles”. Which they are finally making a sequel for, due next summer!


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