Puzzle 8 – Themeless #4



Forgot to set up the autopost before the weekend, and by the time I got home we had a tired baby and tired parents, so crosswords waited til the morning. As usual, thoughts under spoilers below:


  • ACONCAGUA was the seed for this one. I host a weekly bar trivia night and one of the questions a while back was “what is the longest above ground mountain chain in the world?” It’s the Andes, and ACONCAGUA has a lot of nice vowels that make constructing nice.
  • Sometimes I start at the top, and sometimes on the bottom (I’m working on building a puzzle from the middle out, but that is a lot harder for some reason). This one started at the top, and while I like all four stacks, the north one is my favorite.
  • DANIA…sorry…it’s holding that west together.
  • This puzzle is extremely un-Scrabbly – the average Scrabble score of this puzzle is 1.38. Per Xwordinfo, the average of all NYT puzzles is 1.57, and Fridays are 1.56 (this is definitely more Friday than Saturday). Just kinda happened – I like putting Scrabbly letters in but I’ll pick smoothness over Scrabbliness any day of the week (Nancy Salomon has a nice brief post on it here).
  • One nice thing about self-publishing is that you get to clue in ways that wouldn’t pass in a newspaper. The 12-year old in me is still giggling at [Massive erection] for EDIFICE.
  • Really wanted to get a [Keystone receptacle] or something like that for SOLO, but I think the entry would need to be SOLOCUP.
  • Finally, the famed personal ad for PINACOLADA (also check out that headdress on the guy on the right! Don’t think we’ll see that again):


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