Puzzle 7 – Dressed to Kill



Happy 4th of July! We’re relaxing for a few days up at the cabin – it’s the best. Straightforward theme today that came to me while doing one of the many fantastic C.C. Burnikel puzzles. Also a teaser for two weeks from now (if I can finish it up by then) – there’s a very fun, little bit silly offering coming up. More thoughts under the spoilers:


The whole time writing this, I had in my head that the DEADKENNEDYS were behind Cult of Personality too – that’d be Living Colour. Think this stems from playing Guitar Hero when I was a TEEN – anyways here’s Cult of Personality…the message still feels applicable today:

  • NYBBLE is actually a thing! There are two ways to spell it in this context (boring NIBBLE is the other, but TINITIM isn’t a thing). Funny story – at a bar trivia night last summer, the question was “what’s the name for half of a byte to a computer” or along those lines. Nobody actually knew so we wrote down “four bits” – right before turning it in we decided NYBBLE was funny so wrote it down. Turned out to be right!
  • 8 zillion Ks in a puzzle make it a pain in the keister to construct sometimes. There’s a few more crosswordesey bits than I prefer, but I hope the long answers make up for it.
  • I also quite like the clues for AFROS, SNOW, DRUNKKARAOKE (favorite entry in the puzzle), YAKKED, and KEG.
  • I had never heard of water being called ADAMSALE before – fun name in my opinion.
  • Hope you enjoyed – see you next week!


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