Puzzle 6 – Themeless #3



72-word themeless this time. This guy is actually the very first themeless I created – overall pretty happy with it. Some thoughts in spoilers below – enjoy the puzzle!


  • Seed entry was 61-Across (with the clue). One dream of mine is to get on Jeopardy someday, though I haven’t passed the online test yet. Been close though! We also watch the show enough that our 10-month old recognizes the theme song and starts jumping up and down (well, as much as a 10-month old can jump) whenever he hears it!
  • I’m guessing half of people will be annoyed and half will enjoy the cross-referencing of 15-Across and 9-Down. I’m in the camp of enjoying cross-referenced clues in moderation, but there’s got to be a decent reason for doing so. The clues can be adjacent, the words can cross, or the words can be begging for it (BARACK and OBAMA, for instance). Like em then, but I’ll generally keep them to one or two pairs per puzzle tops.
  • Almost clued LETO along the lines [Dune’s Duke Atreides], but that might be a bit obscure, and if you don’t know what a RONDO is, you have to play roll-a-vowel with the O, which isn’t fun.
  • Somehow, KPA has never been in the NYT – while it’s not really a good entry, I think it’s somewhat familiar to most people. I definitely remember it from high school chemistry/physics, and haven’t done either of those for nearly a decade. IMO it’s a better/less crappy three letter glue word than a lot of three letter glue words – IER, SDI, OCA, roll-a-direction/timezone, spelled out letters like CEE and ELL.
  • Kookaburras are absolutely gorgeous!
    Kookaburra pic



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