Themeless #1



Still working on getting the Crossword Compiler applet to load in posts – I’m going to try a couple more things and then head over to their forums and ask (nobody else seems to have this issue, in a bit of searching around)

Thoughts from puzzle construction in spoilers below.


  • The seed for this puzzle actually isn’t here anymore – it was in the north stack which had to be reworked as it had two duplicate entries. Lesson learned – check for dupes more often!
  • I also had to pull a fantastic entry for 63A – couldn’t get the stack to be interesting at all with the black squares already generally in place. It’ll show up sometime soon.
  • BREDE is a pretty sucky entry, overall. But, it’s holding a zillion long entries that I love together, so it gets to stick around.
  • Not sure if the 51A/10D link will be interesting or annoying – if it’s the latter for you, read more about the pair here.
  • SW corner is my favorite stack – I have hit many a 27D. Was pretty stoked to get fun entries with clean fill at 25 and 26D too.


Hope that whoever has found their way here enjoys! Themed puzzle coming next week.

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